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Porter's Tropical Old Tom Gin
This was so good we ordered 2 more bottles just to make sure we have enough with summer coming on. It is refreshing and citrusy and makes a great G&T!
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Great Gin flavor. Not too much floral, nor to clean. A crisp taste
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Great gin...very reminiscent of Plymouth London Dry Gin. Nice clean and crisp taste...would definitely order again
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Very good despite the fact I wanted the Jameson as my free bottle.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
This is a fantastic gin that has subtle yet incredibly enjoyable flavors that are easy to drink. Cannot recommend enough! I just hope this stays as an option to purchase on Flaviar!!
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
I am predominantly a martini-with-olives man. I find olives and Porter’s are in a bit of a conflict. That assessment is by no means a negative, simply an incentive to break for a lemon twist from time to time, which works lovely with Porter’s botanicals, especially the orange, lemon, cinnamon, liquorice and almond influences. I vary my gins nightly, so going down that path is a welcome one. Will definitely consider another bottle.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
A good classic dry gin. Delicious! You can definitely taste the juniper berries. Not flowery, which is ok sometimes...but when you want a traditional gin - this is the one to reach for!
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
This gin was fantastic! It had so much flavor yet it still tasted like gin. I highly recommend it and will order it again.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
this blew me away. i'm going to keep it in my house from now on. just beautiful.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Just loved it!
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
I loved this bottle. It is refreshing and full of juniper flavor. Fully recommend it for anyone who loves gin.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Best Gin I’ve ever tasted!
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Makes a classic Martini. Old school gin but better taste.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Very fruity, great flavor. Distinct juniper flavor. Delicious.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Incredibly floral, herbal, and aromatic gin that maintains a pleasant smoothness on the palate. Super easy to mix while taking full advantage of its flavor, makes awesome G&T’s and its variants, though would not recommend in cocktails in which the gin would be easily overpowered such as Negronis.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
A very bright, approachable gin that made a lovely dry gin martini. Very much a classic London flavor.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Checks all the right boxes. Clean and tasty.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
A very refreshing gin. The flavor notes touch on the full juniper berry experience: fresh; lightly sweet; and a nice tang at the end. If a light citrus-like accent works for you, try this.
Porter's Modern Classic Gin
Nice light flavor