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Port Ellen 32 Year Old 15th Release 1983
I proposed to my fiance at one of our favorite restaurants. The bartender pulled a bottle of this out from behind the bar. It wasn't on the menu and they weren't selling it, but he gave me a pour to celebrate. One of, if not the best scotch I've had a chance to try. Well beyond my price range but excellent if you get the chance to try it.
Port Ellen 32 Year Old 15th Release 1983
Haven't opened this one,but I understand that it is oily and sweet! Saving it for special events or what not.
Port Ellen 27 Year Old 1983 Old Malt Cask (Tasting sample)
Honestly... tasted like it was turpentine. Didn't even drink the dram I poured. Nasty.
Port Ellen 27 Year Old 1983 Cask 6000 - Provenance (Douglas Laing)
It was average. I was a bit disappointed after comparing it to the 83 old malt cask Port Ellen