Plymouth Sloe Gin

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19th century recipe, 21st century treasure.

The history of Plymouth Gin dates back to the 15th century. What was once a monastery, home to Dominican (order) friars, is now home to Plymouth Gins. The Black Friars Distillery is the only remaining distillery in Plymouth, England.

The Port of Plymouth was once a buzzing hub of commerce, a “beacon for explorers,” and maritime traders. Only Gin that is distilled in Plymouth, England can be called “Plymouth Gin,” but this Plymouth is the only one to be produced in its area.

The Plymouth (or Black Friars) distillery was founded by a Mr. Coates in 1793, and the distillery has been producing the Plymouth brand ever since. Plymouth Gin became almost synonymous with the British Royal Navy, its sailors, and ships. After changing hands a boatload of times, England’s oldest working distillery, and its brand are now produced under the colossal Pernod Ricard, as of 2008.

Fruit Gin has been a longstanding practice in the West Country, with traditions that are said to predate the town itself. Plymouth Sloe Gin follows in that tradition, “Soaked in blackthorn bush and sloe berries in Plymouth’s Original Gin before adding sugar.”

These traditional blackthorn berries give the Gin that signature red color. Plymouth's sloe won a Gold Medal at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, for their rendition of this fruit infused Spirit, based on a classic 1883 recipe. Bottled at 26% ABV this red Liqueur is clean on the palate, with elements of bright citrus and other traditional botanicals.

Smartass corner:
The distillery’s buildings served so many purposes throughout the 15th and 16th centuries. A Black Friars monastery. The town’s local “Marshalsea” (debtor’s prison). A billet for Huguenot refugees. It is even rumored to be the location of the first Non-Conformist meeting. Later on, it was said to have housed the Pilgrim Fathers during their last night in England in 1620 before they boarded the Mayflower (the Mayflower ship is also Plymouth Gin’s signature trademark).

Flavor Spiral™

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lemon peel
juniper berries
What does Plymouth Sloe Gin taste like?

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Dog Dogson's
Juniper berry is the main ingredient of Gin. They are usually picked wild by independent workers throughout Europe and sold via distributors to Gin makers worldwide.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Dark red

Nose / Aroma
Juniper berries, almonds, citrus aromas, sloe berries, tart cherry

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Clean with notes of orange and lemon peel, herbs, and sloe berries

Crisp, long, tart fruits

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