The tradition of American Whiskey dictates you should find your signature flavor profile and try to replicate it with every release. But what if it doesn’t have to be like that? What if you looked at Whiskey through a winemaker’s eyes? Pinhook Bourbon does it, and it’s glorious.

Founded in 2010 by three buddies with twenty barrels of Whiskey and no prior know-how (well, one of them used to be a Sommelier), Pinhook Bourbon treats Whiskey like fine wine, releasing yearly vintage blends designed to showcase the dominating flavors of the year. That means when a vintage is sold out, it’s gone forevermore.

For their second collaboration series, Pinhook Bourbon teamed up with James Beard Award-winning brewmaster Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery). 65% of profits of the spectacular rarity made in Austin, TX, go to the Michael J. Jackson Foundation (where Mr. Oliver is an inaugural chair), which funds scholarships for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who follow their passion in the brewing and distilling industry. The Michael J. Jackson Foundation has changed more than twenty lives by empowering new students to pursue technical education in brewing and distilling. The total donation from The Collaboration Series #2 doubled the scholarship fund compared to previous awards.

Pinhook Flavor Spiraltm
  • caramel
  • spicy
  • orange zest
  • toffee
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon
  • woody
  • lemon
  • bread
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Smartass corner

Pinhooking means purchasing and rearing a foal based on its pedigree and either selling it or turning it into a champ racing horse. The same idea is behind Pinhook Bourbon: they source young Whiskey to mature and blend it into a blue-ribbon sipping Bourbon.

Speaking of breeding winner horses, two of Pinhook’s co-founders have horseracing in their DNA. Jamie Hill and Mike McMahon continue the tradition of their families as third-generation horsemen, owning a bloodstock agency and a thoroughbred racing company. Applying that knowledge to Whiskey just made sense.

Pinhook’s high-proof Bourbon won Gold at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, while the Straight Rye Whiskey won Double Gold the following year. In 2021, their Bourbon War Vertical Series 5 Year and the 2021 Flagship Bourbon won a Gold Medal each, with a Double Gold going to their Tiz Rye Time Vertical Series 5 Year. Pinhook is evidently doing something right!


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