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Spiral Peat's Beast Single Malt Whisky
Peat's Beast
Single Malt Whisky
Tasting Notes
Appearance/ Colour
Light yellow amber

Nose/ Aroma/ Smell 
PEAT wood smoke, ash, tar, hint of apple and citrus

Flavour/ Taste/ Palate
Phenols, pepper spice, light apple, banana

Long, ash, dark chocolate, pepper
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Fox Fitzgerald Peat’s Beast.

From the chaps at Fox Fitzgerald Trading Co, comes the beastly peated creation of Eamonn Jones. The phenol monster tops out at levels of 35 ppm of peat. This single malt was crafted in an inferno of fire and brimstone. This monster emerged in 2011, and the origins of its birth are unknown.

“Peat’s Beast is a tribute to the myth of a peat-hunting beast, that stalked the night roaming the peat bogs of Scotland hunting down and devouring the purest dirtiest peat that he could find"…or so the legend claims. Apparently the legend of this peat boogie monster has aroused fear and fascination in Scottish villages for centuries.

So it goes without saying that peat takes center stage in this young smokey malt, you can definitely taste the embers in this expression, like it literally might start a small fire, but it also has some light, sweet, fruity and peppery notes in the back seat. This fiery young thing is non-chill filtered and bottled at 46%.

When the smoke settles and you can see again, take in the drink’s awesome presentation. The imagery of the Peat Beast on the bottle was drawn by Brazilian born artist Doug Alves. To us it looks like part scorpion, part hog, part bull, and part cask. It's a pretty scary peat mascot. If you wanna put some hairs on your chest, take on the peat beast yourself. If you dare...
  • Style
    Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Region
  • Country
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Fox Fitzgerald
  • Bottler
    Fox Fitzgerald

Peat's Beast

Single Malt Whisky

(0.7l, 46%)

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