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Our/Vodka New York (750ml)
So easy to drink. Sweet, floral flavor and extremely smooth. Will have to get another bottle.
Our/Vodka New York (750ml)
Loved it. Will be buying again!
Our/Vodka New York (750ml)
I'm not a vodka lover, but this stuff is great. Amazingly smooth. Had a slight floral scent and a clean finish. It's now the only vodka in my home liquor cabinet.
Our/Vodka New York (750ml)
Great Vodka
Our/Vodka New York
Very smooth when drinking neat - I would drink this neat or mixed. Two minor nits - bottle is less than 750ml (as stated) so it disappears quickly and the cap - an annoying thing.
Our/Vodka New York
Everyone wanted to know what vodka this was. It went fast. I am glad I ordered two bottles. No more Belvedere for me.
Our/Vodka New York
They need to keep working on this recipe, flavors not there. After trying it the rest was used in bloody Marys.
Our/Vodka New York
Our standard for vodka is Grey Goose -if that means we live in a small world, so be it. We think "the goose" is the smoothest, most enjoyable vodka we have ever tasted. Make that past tense! This vodka is well north of Grey Goose and we didn't even think that was possible. We would really love to keep it in stock, but a) it would disappear very quickly, and b) it's a little pricey for a tiny bottle. We're not sorry we splurged on it, just sorry it will be a rare treat for us.