Old Taylor

Old Taylor Bourbon is named after Colonel Edmond Haynes Taylor Jr. and is made by Buffalo Trace. The same distillery makes another Bourbon named after the same person — their Colonel E. H. Taylor small batch, premium Bourbon.

This makes Colonel Taylor one of two people we are aware of that has two existing Bourbons names after him (the other being Basil Hayden). Buffalo Trace got both brand during some brand horse-trading in 2009

The brand used to be made by Jim Beam and it was a lower-mid-market Bourbon aged 6 years. It is now an NAS, meaning we do not know how old it is. 

And it is nice to get a little complexity at this price point. We can even taste a bit of chocolate on the back palate to compliment the vanilla and wood up front.
Old Taylor Flavor Spiraltm
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