Old Grand-Dad

Old Grand-Dad was a real person named Basil Hayden. Raymond B. Hayden developed the brand and named it after his grandfather, the famous Basil Hayden Sr. Basil Hayden is one of two people that has had two Bourbons named after them (the other being Colonel E. H. Taylor).

Another fun historical note is that Old Grand-Dad was one of the few Bourbons that managed to remain in production during Prohibition by renaming a shell company "The American Medicinal Spirits Co." 

The Bourbon has been mentioned by name by James Bond, George Thorogood, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., the novelists Charles Bukowski John Steinbeck, and dozens of other artist and characters. It has a large cult and pop-culture following.

Both namesake Bourbons are made by Jim Beam. Old Grand-Dad is one of the top ten best-selling straight Whiskeys on the market. The palate is sweet with lots of traditional vanilla and baking spices. You will find a range of four strengths ranging from 40% to 57% ABV.
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