Old Forester

United States Founded in 1870
Old Forester has about as much tradition as you can get in a Bourbon. It is a single brand of Bourbon that has been continuously available for 145 years — most of that time from the same family of craftsmen at the same distillery. Interestingly, it was the first Bourbon to be available exclusively in sealed glass bottles. There was a lot of nefarious re-bottling and dilution going on and this was a way to ensure quality and integrity. Today it is owned by Brown-Forman, available in eight different varieties and is a sister Bourbon to Woodford Reserve.
Old Forester Flavor Spiraltm
  • spicy
  • toffee
  • vanilla
  • dark chocolate
  • toasted oak
  • coffee
  • butterscotch
  • oak
  • apple
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Old Forester
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Distillery info:
  • Country United States
  • Status Active
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