Nolet's Finest Gins

Netherlands Founded in 1691
Nolet’s Silver Gin was launched in 2010. Its fruity, floral flavours come from the unusual mix of botanicals, which includes peach, Turkish rose and raspberry.

These are the only botanicals which are disclosed, but all of them are individually macerated in neutral grain Spirit for 24 hours, before being individually distilled and then brought together and cut with more neutral grain Spirit.

The end result is a contemporary, exciting Gin. It’s fairly light on the juniper, which may put the traditionalists off. To make the most of the flavor, we’d recommend having it neat or on the rocks, in the same way you’d drink Scotch.
Nolet's Finest Gins Flavor Spiraltm
  • fruit
  • floral
  • peach
  • raspberry
  • juniper
  • pine forest
  • rose
  • sweet
  • tannic
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Nolet's Finest Gins
Since 2008, the marketing and distribution of Ketel One Vodka has been a joint venture between Nolet Distillery and Diageo.


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The Nolet Distillery history goes back more than 325 years. In 1691, Joannes Nolet opened a Jenever Distillery in Schiedam. In 1735, the family acquired a grain mill to ensure they always had a fresh supply for its products. In the early 1800s, the distillery moved the location to the site on which it still resides today.

In 1941, Carolus Nolet took over the business and is still head of the distillery today. He launched Ketel One Vodka and Ketel One Jenever, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Nolet’s Finest Gins were launched. Today, the company continues to produce Gins, Vodkas, and Jenevers.

The De Nolet tower, the tallest windmill in the world, powers the distillery today with green energy. Visitors to the distillery will be greeted at the De Nolet tower and will have the opportunity to see the original copper pot still, bottling line, and more.
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Nolet's Finest Gins video
A transcript for non-audio situations Dear friend of Nolet's Reserve, since 1691, my family has been distilling spirits in Schiedam, Holland, the country where Dutch Gin originates. Having been inspired to create Gin of unprecedented excellence that builds on our family's rich heritage, it gives me great pleasure as the 10th generation distillery owner to introduce you to Nolet's Reserve.

The Reserve is a Gin to sip and discover at special moments. You can choose to share this moment with cherished friends, but something as unique as the Reserve is perhaps best enjoyed in quiet solitude. To fully appreciate this exquisite Gin, pour a small amount into a tumbler glass, which allows you to savor its precious aromas and complexity. To experience the aromas even better, you can add a few ice cubes.

Now, with your drink prepared, take a small sip and swirl it around your palette. As you do, take time to recognize the coveted note of warm, yet spicy saffron, and the merest hint of delicate verbena. as well as many other botanicals found in the Reserve. Crafted across four decades, and building all over 300 years of family experience, I'm very proud to bring you my own special Reserve.

Please, take your time to discover the great complexity and enjoy the perfect balance, and very long finish of the Reserve. I hope that you will get as much pleasure from savoring Nolet's Reserve as I did from creating it. Warm regards, Carolus Nolet, Sr., 10th generation distillery owner.