No. 209

No. 209 Gin is named after the registration number of the distillery where it was first produced in the late 1880s.

Today, production takes place at San Francisco’s Pier 50, using a one-shot process which takes approximately 11 hours (plus overnight maceration of the botanicals before the distillation even takes place).

Made with cassia bark, bergamot orange peel, cardamom, angelica seed and more, No. 209 Gin is very typical of an American Gin – lighter on the juniper and heavier on the citrus than some of the traditional London Dry Gin styles.

The exact recipe and number of botanicals is kept a secret, but we do know that the base Spirit is made with American corn and distilled four times before the botanicals are macerated and the fifth and final column-distillation takes place.
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No. 209