New Holland

Founded in 1996
New Holland Brewing was founded in 1996. Fast forward over 20 years later they are now brewing nearly 1 million barrels of beer per year across several varieties. In 2005 they expanded into Whiskey, Rum, and Gin, beginning sales of those products in 2008.

Some of the most popular expressions of New Holland include: New Holland Freshwater Rum and New Holland Superior Single Barrel Rum. Flavor profile of this Rum typically features notes of caramel, apple, passion fruit and smoky.
Who owns New Holland Brewing? Founded in 1996 by two childhood friends: Jason Spaulding and Brett Vanderkamp, New Holland Brewing is owned by Brett VanderKamp, David White, Fred Bueltmann.

A Beer and Spirits company based in Holland, Michigan, the company owns both a microbrewery and a distillery under the brand New Holland Artisan Spirits.
New Holland Flavor Spiraltm
  • smoky
  • spicy
  • honey
  • vanilla
  • caramel
  • dried fruit
  • peaty
  • rye
  • cinnamon
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