New Holland Hatter Royale/Hopped Whiskey

New Holland Artisan Spirits New Holland Hatter Royale/Hopped Whiskey

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Hops, hops, hop-hop, Whiskey.  
New Holland Brewing are a beer and spirits company based in Holland, Michigan. The company owns both a microbrewery and a distillery that runs under the name New Holland Artisan Spirits. It began its spirits industry in 2005 and has been flourishing ever since. Alongside craft beer, they make Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whisky and Liqueur. They are a company that celebrates all things creative, calling themselves artists and hoping to capture that ideal in their products.
The Hatter Royale Hopped Whisky is exceptionally unique and brings something new and interesting to the Whisky market. After twice distilling a wash of 100% fermented barley, centennial hops are added to the malt. There is a swirl of flavors in this dram, coming from the malted barley and the citrus-bitter hops. 
The liquid is delicate and has floral qualities adopted from the hops through that in with some subtle vanilla-like spices and you’ve got yourself a remarkable dram. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to enjoy, then this is definitely the way forward.

Flavor Spiral™

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malted barley
vanilla sweetness
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Rye Whiskey is made from mash that is at least 51 percent rye. The grain gives Rye Whiskey its spicy, sometimes peppery, and bitter flavor. It was a big seller before Prohibition, and after decades in obscurity, it’s fashionable again. Fun fact: George Washington distilled Rye Whiskey at Mount Vernon.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Distinctively yellow from the hops.
Smell / Nose / Aroma
Malt and bitter hops, although not overwhelming.
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Bursts of citrus and lime, the tanginess is countered by a light spice that comes through with a creamy vanilla sweetness.
Hops linger and again there is a signature maltedness, the grains show themselves in the finish.
Ratings & Reviews
I liked this bottle but it was the only bottle from this order I ever got.
I've read the comments about this whiskey being "to much and to bitter", but I find it directly the opposite. The hoppy flavors and a sweet citrus note are what is predominant and the whiskey was smooth in my opinion. Though I like more of a robust whiskey flavor this was definitely a nice change to sip on.
I am a big fan of Hoppy beers, this whiskey was good, but not great. Was very curious to try something new, didn't disappoint, but also was not overly impressed. Had kind of a floral nose, whiskey was smooth, but didn't seem like it was real hoppy. Would like to try some other stuff from them, live free and drink hard.
I beg to differ from all the reviews thus far! Maybe is the labeling that has somehow affected the mental state when drinking this uniquely fine whiskey. I enjoyed every bit of the hops and the character of the whiskey was lovely especially with a good cigar. One of Michigan's finest - please try and be objective - you will enjoy!
very hard,it could be smother
I do not like the Hatter Whiskey. It is too "hopped up" for my taste. I normally drink my whiskeys or scotches on the rocks but this whiskey is just too much for that approach. I did find that if I mix it with a dark ginger ale as an after dinner drink it is acceptable. I will not be purchasing this brand of whiskey again, unfortunately. Not to my taste.
Far too bitter with an overwhelmingly Hoppy front. Nose was cringeworthy and I was unable to distinguish any flavors beyond the initial bite. Despite my high hopes, this bottle had a taste reminiscent of a strong, sour gin. I love hoppy beers, but this whiskey was not for me.
Did not enjoy on its own. Interesting mixer drink.
Terrible, tastes like a bad tequila.
Pleasant floral hop character with subtle white whiskey richness
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