Founded in 1703
Mount Gay Distilleries Limited is the product of over 3 centuries of knowledge, expertise, and refinement that goes into the process of making Rum.

In the year 1703, on the Caribbean island of Barbados, when John Sober (seriously...), inherited a distillery and invited Sir John Gay to help manage it.

Each Rum is crafted from natural Barbadian ingredients with the input of generations of Rum makers and blenders.

The island of Barbados is essentially a coral limestone, made up of a porous stone which acts as a natural filter for the water deep beneath the island.

This water is triple filtered, yielding some of the purest water. Barbadian sugar is also among some of the finest in the world.

Molasses even came to be known as “Black Gold” because of its high value. Mount Gay Rum produced in traditional double copper pot stills, a distillation method that has been used at Mount Gay Rum for generations.

The Rums are matured in charred, ex-American Whiskey, white oak barrels. Their lineup features a core range of handcrafted Rums, including Mount Gay Silver, Eclipse, Black Barrel, Extra Gold, 1703 Meter Select.

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    Rémy Cointreau
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    Exmouth Gap, Brandons, Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael, Barbados
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    +1 246 227 8864
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The oldest surviving deed for the Mount Gay Distillery is from 1703, making Mount Gay Rum the world’s oldest commercial Rum distillery.

In 1757, Sir John Gay Alleyne was elected to the Parliament of Barbados, a seat he held down for the next forty years. His contemporaries even considered giving him the title: The Most Important Man in Barbados.

It is often misunderstood that the little red star on the image of the island on Mount Gay Rum's original bottle represents the location of the distilleries, but in fact, it symbolizes the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. The distilleries are actually in the northern part of the island.
Video from Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd
Video transcription
Rumbullion. Kill Devil. Barbados water. The original Rum. True story: a character from your favorite history book, a 300-year-old spirit with nothing but time on its side. Sir John Gay. Do I need to know who this guy is to appreciate Rum? No. Well, maybe. He's the father of Barbadian Rum. He was perfecting this craft three centuries ago up on a mountaintop. Well, technically it was a hill, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that he was good, so good that they named a Rum and everything else after him.

Let me explain. Fermentation. Black gold. Forget the sugar, we're not that sweet. Molasses, the dark stuff, the diamond in the rough. He made it beautiful. He orchestrated the notes of Rum into a symphony. And notes, that's a Rum thing. Caramel, smoke, vanilla, banana, spice. Commit it to memory. If you're gonna make music with Rum, you can't have any background noise. You need pure water, Barbadian water. You can't just make this stuff anywhere. This is where the stars aligned for Rum. Barbados is a coral reef bed, the best water filtration system on the planet, so when settlers showed up there 300, 400 years ago, he was already there, built into the island. Cool, right?

Now distill this twice in a copper pot still. Well, why twice? Why copper? Aromatics, my man. What some would call imperfections become the defining notes of character, a metaphor for life if there ever was one. But what do I think, the guy who seems to know so much about Rum? I think doing anything twice builds character.

Look, it's like when you go to a movie. What do you see? The action hero with the one-liners, right? The cool bad guy? Sure they're great characters on screen, but if you try to act like that in real life, it's not gonna go down so well. Real character is something entirely different. You can't fake it. It takes time and maturity to build that up, and maturity comes from having history. Mount Gay is a Rum with history. Back when they put Rum in barrels to ship it overseas, it always tasted better when it got there than when it left. This is because it was building character. That barrel bared its soul to that Rum. Those were close quarters for a three-month boat ride. When it arrived, the Rum was experienced: wiser, richer, and smoother.

Now, if you wanna take something like that put in a cocktail, it's fine. But here's a Rum lesson and a life lesson: mix appropriately, always. You wanna complement your Rum with a cola, not the other way around. You've got to get the ratios right: one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak. That's Rum Punch, Barbadian Rum Punch. That's where cocktails come from. This whole cocktail thing started because of Barbadian Rum. Mount Gay Rum, to be exact. Before cola and before ice, you want a cool drink? Drink Rum neat. Barbados is 98 degrees in the shade. Ice skating isn't exactly a national pastime. You think anyone 300 years back was asking for a drink on the rocks? I don't think so. They were perfecting Rum to be a proper drink on its own. Barbados by way of your local bar. That's Rum. Mount Gay Rum Barbados 1703. There's a time and a place. Drink Responsibly.

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