2 Flaviar Whisky Glasses & Coasters

2 Flaviar Whisky Glasses & Coasters

Holy Spirit Limited Edition Glencairn glasses & coasters
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Character Goatson

The only Whisky-tasting glass & coaster you’ll ever need

Glencairn glass or the official Whisky tasting glass is a must-have for any serious malthead out there, who likes to handle his liquid in a perfectly crafted vessel that combines both form and function to deliver the ultimate tasting experience. It's used in most Whisky labs as it is engineered to bring the richness of aromas and flavors, so you can notice every tiny nuance. The trick is in its shape which amplifies the color, captures the precious aromas, and limits the contact between the liquor and skin.

This Holy Spirit limited edition impeccable snifter and ultra-rare black concrete coaster are branded with the Flaviar Dove and you cannot get them anywhere else. Act fast and get your pack of two perfect Whisky-tasting vessels & stands everyone will envy you.

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