Flaviar x Highland Park Whisky Snifter

Flaviar x Highland Park Whisky Snifter

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Character Goatson

9 3/4 oz. / 288 ml,  hipped shape functions to enhance tasting, deep etched design.

Say you have an exquisite dram you’re about to taste. Would you pour it in a regular glass? Well, would you fly to space on a bottle rocket? Of course not! A delicate endeavor like that requires a specially designed vessel.

You should savor your fine Spirits with a snifter. Its large surface area helps with the evaporation of the sipper, only for the narrow top to trap it and offer it to your senses. This snifter is part of the Members-only Flaviar x Highland Park collab line and a unique collector’s item. Warning: you’ll look incredibly sophisticated drinking from it, and you might notice new nuances in aromas and flavors. Monocle not included.

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