4 Flaviar Concrete Coasters

4 Flaviar Concrete Coasters

Pack of four premium collectible concrete coasters
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Keep your surfaces immaculate and look cool as hell

Organizing a Whisky tasting party is one of the best ways to hang out with your companions and savor new exiting Spirits. Get a few lovely bottles from Flaviar, bring out those stylish Glencairn glasses, dim the lights a bit, and you’re ready to rock that joint. But you just scrubbed your amazing counter and you’re definitely not putting on those cardboards coasters you stole in a bar!

Why are we telling you about this elaborate and highly specific scenario? Because we have beautiful and exclusive Flaviar-branded coasters just for you. And get this – they’re made of top-notch concrete. We know! Concrete coasters are totally our jam too! You can’t get them anywhere else, though. Nope, it’s an exclusive gizmo for Flaviar members.

You know, so we can make our relationship set in concrete. You can thank us later when you’re crowned as the coolest party host. Heck, get a set for your buddies too! When they ask you what’s Flaviar, you can tell them it’s a VIP booze club for VCDs (Very Cool Drinkers).

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