3 Flaviar Brethren pins

3 Flaviar Brethren pins

Pack of three premium metal pins
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Character Goatson

A pin that tells everyone you’re a sophisticated badass

Secret clubs worldwide employ various shenanigans for the members to recognize each other: elaborate handshakes, enigmatic tattoos, secret codes, and whatnot.

Well, we’re not some X-Files brotherhood of lizards, so we can show off our affection for fine Spirits proudly and loudly – with a cool premium-metal Flaviar pin that looks way better than your uncle’s Illuminati badge. You can pin it on your shirt, your hat, your bag, or your pet Shetland horse. (Please, don’t pin it on your pet Shetland horse, though.) Show everyone you’re a part of the largest family of Spirit lovers on this planet and wear the badge with pride, dignity, and a pinch of panache. You’re one of us, big shot!

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