Flaviar x Highland Park Flask

Flaviar x Highland Park Flask

Keep your hooch close - with a style

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Character Goatson

6 oz. / 177 ml, Leatherette wrapped stainless steel flask, laser engraved etched design

Flavor-loving flappers used to put their tipple in a flask which they tucked in a garter during the dark times of Prohibition. Luckily, we don’t have to hide our hooch nowadays, but a handy container is always welcome. If it’s beautiful and insanely exclusive, even better!

This elegant stainless steel hip flask is wrapped in leatherette and branded with the Flaviar x Highland Park logo. That makes it a rare and unique collector’s item, not available anywhere else. Going to places where they don’t serve your favorite top-shelf Whisky isn’t a problem anymore. Just bring your own booze - in a limited-edition flask!

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