Whiskey Advent Calendar Special

Whiskey Advent Calendar Special

Whiskies of the World

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24 Days and 24 Whiskeys

Turn the holiday season into a voyage of exploration.

It took Jules Verne 80 days to travel the world, but we'll do it in 24 days through the colorful selection of Whiskeys from all around the world. Explore the wonderful styles and origins: Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Japanese and Irish Whiskey... It's nuts!

Be whisked around the globe and try a new amber potion each day.
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Member Reviews and Ratings of Whiskey Advent Calendar Special
I bought this calendar for two whiskey enthusiasts friends. I personally thought the box was stunning and such nice quality. However, my friends might be a little too snobby for this box. Although they have enjoyed it, they claimed all of the samples were “young” whiskeys and didn’t really fall in love with any of them. My advice, unless you’re a whiskey buff yourself, this might not be a great gift for the whisky snob.
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