Spirits Of The World Calendar

Spirits Of The World Calendar

24 Premium Spirits from around the globe!

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Turn each day into a celebration with 24 Spirits from all over the World!

For spirits lovers that like venturing beyond whiskey, Flaviar offers the Spirits of the World Advent Calendar. Each day you’ll discover a new spirit adventure from Armagnac to aquavit and enjoy classic favorites like gin, vodka and rum.

The Spirits of the World Advent Calendar will transport you from San Antonio to Spain and from the Caribbean to Cognac. This calendar includes 24 different spirits from around the world, with a Glencairn glass to enjoy them, along with a coaster and a tasting notes booklet with details of each spirit.

Discover hidden gems like Madre Mezcal, Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac and Pisco Logia. Whether you want to sip these treats neat, enjoy over ice or mix up into a cocktail, these spirits will bring the holiday feeling home!

Calendar contains 24 Spirit Samples, 50ml each:
1. Madre Mezcal
2. Singani 63 Brandy
3. Knickerbocker Gin
4. Afrohead XO 15 year old Rum
5. Copper & Kings Brandy Beer Barrel Finished
6. Paul Beau VS Cognac
7. Pisco Logia Acholado
8. Krogstad Festlig Aquavit
9. Death Wish Coffee Flavored Vodka
10. Stolen Smoked Rum
11. Pau Maui Vodka
12. Alipus San Juan Del Rio Mezcal
13. Volstead Vodka
14. Don Papa Rum
15. Alamo Craft Gin
16. Navazos-Palazzi Spanish Brandy Amontillado
17. Cyril Zangs 00 Cider Eau de Vie
18. Armagnac Leberon Solera 2001
19. Roger Groult Calvados Pays d’Auge 3 YO
20. Ming River Spirit
21. Guillon Painturau Cognac VSOP
22. Dictador Rum
23. Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac
24. Larga Vida XO Rum
Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Spirits Of The World Calendar
Got to try a variety of spirits from around the world, some were hits(Mezcals, Cognacs, Brandys), others not so much(Baiju, Eau de Vie)
Got 2 so my buddy and I can taste them together over video chat. Awesome idea and great timing with the quarantine. Gives us something to look forward to every weekend.
Great idea. Didn't love every selection, but loved the daily variety.
The best collection you could ever want if you are up to trying such wonderful spirits that you perhaps have never tried.
Only halfway through the box, but I've really been enjoying the variety so far. A great way to try out a bunch of great-tasting spirits, and I am so happy I bought this. Being stuck in the time of quarantine, it's a fun way to virtually travel around the world.
You said it, sister! I did the same thing for the same reason and now I have something to look forward to each day in this “Groundhog Day” nightmare of quarantine.
All about learning. How else would I have known that I really don't jive with baijiu or that I should get down with Pisco more often? Well now I know! And enjoying a different little surprise every night gives me something to look forward to instead of the same ol', same ol'. The wide variety of rums is especially impressive.
Got this as a gift and was a bit hesitant at first, being more of a whisky guy, but ended up loving discovering all these new spirits and tastes. Already ordered some rum & mezcal because of it! A great gift.
If you don't like to travel this is a great substitute to go around the world tasting different spirits :) Great selection of drinks and brilliantly designed tasting booklet. The whole concept is kind of gamifying the tasting experience. Flaviar definitely out did themselves with this one. Can't wait for the next year's edition #drooling-face
I love the idea of tasting boxes and this thing is like a tasting box times 7 (I think, I'm not good at maths)! I usually drink whiskies but after I tried some of these spirits I will mos def put some cognac and gin to my collection. Next time, I'm buying two of them lol
JUST GREAT! Not only was it tasty and fun to open a new drink every day, but the variety helped figure out what spirits and flavors I do and don't like. Would definitely buy it again!”
Fantastic selection of spirits
I really really loved the idea of the whole calendar and many of the selections were really interesting. The tasting notes cards were really creative and some of them, hilarious (jasmine). PLEASE don't misunderstand any criticism as me not being happy, it really was a fun box. I just would have liked to see some more variety considering it was meant to be from all over the world. Loved that it included pisco and baiju but where was the grappa, tequila or whiskey? I know there is a whisky specific box, but zero was kind of disappointing. I think I was very happy with about 60-70% of the selections. I had fun with it and would encourage anyone feeling adventurous to get one.
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