Memorable Mezcal Joven

Memorable Mezcal Joven

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“Joven” means young in Spanish, and Memorable Mezcal Joven has every inch of its youthful spirit.  
Unlike Whisky and Rum, the Mezcal industry is still dominated by small, regional distilleries scattered across Mexico.  Memorable Mezcal is located in the Miahuatlán region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Interestingly, they harvest their agave from five species native to the area. And they harvest only “wild” agave, meaning that they do not farm or cultivate it. They walk out into the thousands of acres that is their backyard and harvest what grows naturally. They practice only old-school techniques by hand every step of the way to produce a small range of single-agave and blended agave Mezcals. 
“Joven” means young or youthful spirit in Spanish. Memorable Mezcal Joven is exactly that, a fresh Mezcal with only the most minimal of aging. This means that it has all of the fire and earthy-fruitiness that occurs naturally in the spirit, unadorned by wood influences. But don’t mistake this for a negative … sometimes Joven is exactly what you want. 
Memorable Mezcal Joven is made from premium 100% wild harvested agave—some of the best for making Mezcal. It is fresh, light, and flavorful to the last drop. And as any spirit ages in oak, the more influence the oak has on the flavor … makes sense, right? And since most spirits have similar aging methods, the more they are aged the same, the more alike they can taste. This is good too, but when you taste a Joven Mezcal you are tasting it in its most pure, Mezcal-icious form. And this one is world-class. 
SmartAss Corner
Agave is not “a” plant, it is more than 200 species of plants native to the semi-arid regions of the Americas. Not all have a high enough sugar content to be effectively made into distilled beverages. Mezcal PhD has categorized 47 varieties so far that can or currently are used for sprits. Tequila—by legal definition—can only be made from Blue Agave. Mezcal, on the other hand, can legally be made from any single or blend of agaves.
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black pepper
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Appearance / Color
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Earthy spice and melon
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A slick melon cream with black pepper and sandalwood  
Lingering wet spices
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