Martell Blue Swift Cognac

Martell Blue Swift Cognac

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Martell Blue Swift: The Brandy Bastard

If you make anything for over three centuries, chances are you are pretty damn good at it. House Martell is the eldest of the major Cognac houses. Founded in 1715 by Jean Martell along the banks of the Charente, at the pinnacle of the French “L’Art de Vivre.” The French basically have this way of living, where they believe in embracing all of the good stuff life has to offer. Martell Cognac is definitely the good stuff, with a full range of expressions for us to indulge in. La vie est belle, d’accord? Cheers to House Martell.

The young Briton put himself on the map by marrying into "Cognac Royalty" not once, but twice! His second marriage was to Jeanne-Rachel Lallemand, “a direct descendant of Jacques Roux, a pioneering 17th century cognac merchant,” by the 19th century, Martell had become the biggest international exporter of Cognac in the world, reaching as far as China and Japan.

Now under Pernod Ricard, House Martell has robust range of Cognacs; a collection of 10 expressions. They predominantly use Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano) grapes from the Borderies vineyards, aging its Cognac in Tronçais oak casks. They double distill their blends, with traditional “Charentais alembics” (pot stills).

If Cognacs had royal families, The House Martell would definitely be one. In this Martell royal family there are 10 Cognacs, and 1 bastard Brandy; the Martell Blue Swift. If Martell Cognac is House Stark, Blue Swift is Jon Snow. It is 100% Martell V.S.O.P. aged in French oak and finished in a Kentucky Bourbon American oak cask.

Commemorating its longstanding history with the United States (Martell was the first to ship Cognac to America, we think a few merci's are in order). The Blue Swift is also a symbol of The House Martell's family crest, a bird that can stay airborne for up to 10 months when crossing the Atlantic. This Eaux-de-vie-de-vin is Cognac with a Bourbon twist. The result is a fruity Brandy blend, paired with a smokey vanilla Bourbon flavour. A work of art for Bourbon lovers everywhere!
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Cognac, named after the town of Cognac in France, is a variety of brandy (distilled wine). It is only produced in the wine-growing region surrounding this town. Cognac must be made from specified grapes, must be twice distilled in copper pot stills and aged at least two years in French oak barrels. Most cognacs are aged considerably longer than the minimum legal requirement.

Tasting Notes

Appearance/ Color
Golden copper

Nose/ Aroma/ Smell
Banana, cartelized pears, vanilla, menthol

Flavour/ Taste/ Palate
Ginger, plum

Long, toasted
Ratings & Reviews
Smooth start with a little bite at the end
Fantastic. Very smooth and easy. Try it chilled
Hennessy is overrated. Normally, Cognac is too sweet for me. And i like sweets; cake, pies, candies. But this? This is something else. Martell is a reputable brand, and if you also think normal cognac is too sweet, then this worth a look for you. Blue Swift is their normal spirit, finished in used bourbon casks. The heat of the bourbon keeps the sweet of the cognac in check, and neither one is too over powering. Both are sweet spirits, but they meld well with each other, and again, thanks to the bourbon's heat, it's never too sweet. It's like a symphony of fine spirits. Or, more accurately, a harmonic, death metal ballad.
Perfect and versatile!
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