Mars Maltage

Mars Whisky is a brand of Whiskies produced at the Shinshu Distillery. Different expressions including Komagateke and Iwai have been released, all having different age statements and Whisky types. Komagateke Whiskies are single malts, while Iwai Whiskies are blends.
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Mars Shinshu
Imported Canadian and Scotch Whiskies suddenly become Japanese after their duty is paid.
Mars Shinshu
The tunnel that is used for maturation is ideal, since the temperature is constantly around 14-15 degrees Celcius and humidity is 80%, which makes it a perfect place for the process.


Shinshu Distillery is situated in the small village of Miyada which is around 800 metres above sea level, up in the Japanese Alps in Nagano. With a high quality water source, the temperature drops to -15 degrees Celcius.

After opening, the distillery was only in production during the winter months, up until 1992. It halted its Whisky production in 1992 until 2012. Only two stills are known to be in operation at the facility. The Whisky is matured in Sherry, Brandy and Bourbon casks.
Distillery info:
  • Country Japan
  • Established 1985
  • Owner Hombo Shuzo Ltd
  • Visitor center Yes
  • Status Active
  • Address Miyatamura 4752-31, Kami-inagun, Nagano
  • Phone +81 265 85 4633
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