United Kingdom, Scotland
Mannochmore is a big operation, producing upwards of 3.2 million liters per year, but they've produced few official bottlings. The 12 year Flora and Fauna bottling was their first, and is the easiest to find. Known as a gently perfumed, cleanly floral Whisky, expect a dry, direct palette with none of the oiliness characteristic of the neighboring Glenlossie.

The Loch Dhu single malt stands decidedly apart from Mannochmore's other offerings. Heavily smoked and artificially colored, this, "Black Lake", has been discontinued since 1999 but, if found, promises an adventure in bold flavors.

The bulk of Mannochmore Whisky finds its way into blends, popping up in everything from Haig belnds to Johnnie Walker. It lends a dry, flowery presence to any composition. Independent bottlings are rare, but do exist, and can present a unique take on the Speyside tradition.
Mannochmore Flavor Spiraltm
  • mint
  • oak
  • rose
  • sherry
  • vanilla
  • spicy
  • smoky
  • fragrant
  • sherry bomb
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Mannochmore was a little known brand until it introduced the controversial, "Loch Dhu," a deeply peated, artificially colored and polarizing single malt.
Until 2008, crews working Mannochmore spent 6 months there, then switched to working Glenlossie for the other half of the year. Probably kept them on their toes!
Mannochmore is an unlikely leader in gender equality. In 2008, they became one of the first distilleries with a female operations manager, when Polly Macdonald took the helm.


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Mannochmore is a young distillery hidden inside the grounds of the older Glenlossie. The site lies just South of Elgin, in Morayshire, an air of industry reflecting its workhorse status.

The nearby Glenlossie distillery was founded in 1876. Mannochmore came to the world in 1971, on its older cousin's grounds—the two share a common water source, the Bardon Burn.

After only a few short years of work Mannochmore was closed in 1985, following the great British recession of the time. It re-opened in 1992, this time creating a single malt. It briefly closed again in 1995, but it has been fully operational since.

Mannochmore runs on steam, fueling eight washbacks, three wash stills and three spirit stills. The malt is purchased locally from Castle Head Maltings.

While a great deal of its production is used for blending by owner Diageo, the Mannochmore single malts provide a beautiful expression of the Speyside region, featuring little if any peat and bonding notes of fruit and nut.
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