Founded in 1817
Founded in 1817, Stromness distillery was first led by John Crookshanks, then registered under the name of Harry Crookshanks four years later.

After a handful of changes in ownership, the facility fell into disuse until being purchased by the Macphersons in 1878. The brothers brought Stromness back to its former glory, renaming it, "Man O'Hoy". They closed in 1927, and dismantled in 1940. They once operated a 12-horsepower engine.

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    United Kingdom, Scotland
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    Stomness, Orkney
Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
At one point in its history Man O'Hoy (or Stromness, or Old Orkney) was powered by a 12-horsepower steam engine which, "by means of shafts stretching all over the place, can be made to do all the work of the distillery."
There are hundreds of islands scatered arond the perimeter of the Scottish mainland, but only a handful of them - ArranMullJuraSkye and Orkney - are home to a distillery. 

Island Whiskies are tempered by saline shores, brewing storms and the purply peated moors. But when it comes to flavours, shapeshifting is an island game. Though most Island Whiskies are salted by the sea and you can find plenty of challenging drams full of maritime notes here, some are sweet and herbal.

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