Malt Mill

United Kingdom, Scotland
No Malt Mill Whisky remains on the market (as far as we know). A blend sold during the 1930's and 40's named Mackie's Ancient Scotch contained Malt Mill and listed the distillery as its address. The Malt Mill name was never used as a label. A bottle of alleged Malt Mill was discovered hidden at Lagavulin, discovered by a new distillery manager during spring cleaning.
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Malt Mill
Malt Mill was the inspiration for the 2012 film, "The Angel's Share," in which a fictional barrel of Malt Mill is discovered after being forgotten for decades.


Made almost mythical by the critically acclaimed film, "The Angel's share" in 2012, it is hard to believe that Malt Mill distillery was an actual place. But it did exist.

The buildings which once housed the Malt Mill distillery have been absorbed into Lagavulin, the former's distillery building now serving as reception center for the latter. The site is located on the Southeast rim of Islay, overlooking the Bay of Lagavulin.

The story of Malt Mill distillery is a truly interesting tale. Eccentric Whisky baron Peter "Restless Pete" Mackie, founded the Malt Mill distillery in 1908, inside of the Lagavullin distillery, and closed in 1962. 

Malt Mill was a small distillery founded for the purpose of imitating neighboring Laphroaig. Mackey lost ownership of Laphroaig and, in his spite, set out make his own Islay style malt to edge out the competition.

The distillery was smaller in stature than its nearby brothers, producing only 25,000 gallons of proof spirit annually. The facility operated through 1962, before becoming part of Lagavulin, where its coal-fired stills operated for another seven years.

Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region Islay
  • Established 1908
  • Owner Sir Peter Mackie
  • Type Blended malt
  • Status Active
  • Address Distillery Cottages, Lagavulin, Isle of Islay PA42 7DZ, United Kingdom
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