Mackmyra First Edition


First Edition

(1l, 46.10%)

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This blonde, Swedish beauty is more than just a pretty dram.

Mackmyra, the first Swedish distillery, was envisioned by a group of 8 friends on a skiing trip, each of whom had taken a bottle of Whisky with them for the host. The late night discussions came to Whisky; how it was produced and why there was no Swedish Whisky. A year later the 8 friends founded a distillery and within 6 months they had distilled the first drops of raw Whisky. 3 years and 170 recipes later they had their first Whisky, the Mackmyra Elegant. 
Perhaps we shouldn’t surprised that a single malt Whisky could be made well in Sweden. After all, southern Sweden sits at about the same latitude as Scotland and is surrounded by the same North Sea. I guess we should really be asking what took them so long to get around to it? In truth, Mackmyra has been tinkering with their malt distillery since 1999, but up till now using their product in side beverages, blends, and flavored drinks until they got it right. And they have got it right with Mackmyra First Edition … the first release of their new signature single malt Whisky, born and bred in Sweden. 
The first thing that you notice as that the bottle is a full liter—one third larger than average, so grab this full-bodied, blonde beauty with both hands. But taste is the key, and it’s spot on. Undoubtedly, this is a younger dram, but it is also aged in smaller, 100 liter casks deep inside an abandoned iron mine, so the aging occurs a bit faster and more evenly. And they use a mixture of American oak and unique, Swedish oak casks for finishing, which adds a unique character and strength. 
"Even if you are died-in-the-wool Highlander, there’s no harm in having a little fling with this blonde Swedish lass." — Uncle Flaviar

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    Single Malt Whisky
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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Nectarines, wild apples, and honey        
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Spice honey-mead 
Apple and baking spices
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Not ready
Solid Whisky, needs a dash of water. Hints of spice and honey coat the palate, and a bit of citrus fruit here and there.
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