Spiral Louis Royer VSOP Force 53° Cognac
Louis Royer
VSOP Force 53°
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Colour
Warm Copper.       
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Vanilla, lime zest, crushed grape.
Flavour / Taste / Palate
Dried fruits, sultanas and prunes, butter, oak.
Long, spicy, leather and lace.
Flavour spiral
Honey, fruit, leather, lime, zesty, prunes, butter, spicy, grape.
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Cognac, but on steroids!
Louis Royer set up his first Cognac still in 1853 at the ripe old age of 25. OK, that’s pretty impressive. Before that, he kept bees to produce his own honey, a hobby that he maintained throughout his entire life. The logo of the Louis Royer Cognac company is a gold and blue honeybee to this very day. Louis Royer Cognac produces a core range of fine Cognacs, from VS through their very special 38 Years Grand Champagne, as well as a few special releases that the late Kim Jong Il would probably have killed for. 
Let’s start with the label … it says “Louis Royer,” so you know that it’s a superior Cognac. It says VSOP, so you know that this is the good stuff—aged a minimum of four years in Limousin oak. It has “Force 53” in the name because it is bottled at near cask strength: 53% ABV (106 proof). If Cognac is about tradition, quality, and class, then Louis Royer Force 53 VSOP is all of that, but with some inhuman characteristics to boot. 
How many times have you tried a high-octane Cognac before? Now is the time, try it... If you are a craft cocktail junkie like we are, then you know that finding a Cognac with the horsepower to stand up to mixers can be a challenge. Louis Royer Force 53 VSOP is THE solution, my friend. We say, start with a well-mixed Belclare and then find a super-model of your own to share it with. 
This gem has won top honours at just about every competition imaginable
  • Style
    VSOP Cognac
  • Region
  • Country
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Louis Royer
  • Bottler
    Louis Royer

Louis Royer

VSOP Force 53°

(0.75l, 53%)

Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Louis Royer VSOP Force 53° Cognac
Not a fan of this one, very strong taste I can't place it.
Didn't love it
Really strong, probably better as a mixer.
Ooh zesty is right! Conjures the vision of a supermodel dressed in leather. Yup it tastes like that!
I like the surprising lime in the nose and it comes back in the long, slightly burning finish. Interesting flavor.
I'm just now learning to appreciate cognac, and I guess this is a really different one. I love it but it's intense. Hennessy is like tea by comparison.
Strong but tasty.
Not bad for 106 proof.
Not a fan. It burns and tastes syrupy.
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