Los Nahuales Mezcal Reposado

Los Nahuales Mezcal Reposado

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Twins Jaimé and Gustavo just wanted to make a quality Mezcal for their restaurant. What they ended up with was one of the top Mezcals in all of Mexico…

Los Nahuales is owned by Jaimé and Gustavo Muñoz, identical twins. The duo are also proprietors of the world renowned Oaxacan Los Danzantes restaurant. Loz Danzantes features regional flare and Los Nahuales Mezcal was born in 1997, when the Muñoz siblings acquired a small artisan distillery in Santiago Matatlan, near Oaxaca city, in order to provide their restaurants with a reliable, quality source of Mezcal.

What Dufftown is to Whisky, Santiago Matatlan is to Mezcal, and the Mezcaleras behind the scenes at Los Danzantes have been creating it for generations. Los Nahuales is made using age-old artisan methods. The agave used in production are fermented and distilled along with all of the fibers and solids of the agave. This is what distinguishes Mezcal from Tequila, which is distilled sans fibrous solids. As a result Mezcal has way more of a complex vegetal character, rich in agave esters.

This Reposado is French kissed…66% being aged in French Oak barrels, and 33% in American White Oak. After 9 months of beauty sleep, it's bottled. This Los Nahuales Mezcal is bursting with flavor, defined by beautiful oak overtones, from their rest in French oak barrels. 

Flavor Spiral™

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Golden Honey

Smell / Nose / Aroma
Mesquite smokiness resembling Islay peat

Taste / Flavor / Palate
Elegant, clean, refined, well-structured

Long and deep
Ratings & Reviews
Earthy & the some. The root vegetables in the profile coupled with the smoke give it a heartiness that fans of potent ryes and Islay scotches will love. I’d recommend to any fan of bolder whiskies to try something different!
I loved this. Shared it with a friend who loved it too. Nice aroma, great taste
I would love to say I love it, but it's been 15 days and it still hasn't even been shipped. 🙄
sweet, oaky, fruity and smokey. A very well done Mezcal. Flaviars description on this is pretty accurate in my book
I do love to drink tequila as well
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