Los Danzantes

Los Danzantes is produced in Los Danzantes distillery. Some of the most popular expressions of Los Danzantes include: Los Danzantes Joven - Espadín, Los Danzantes Anejo - Espadín, Los Danzantes Mezcal Joven - Espadin.

Flavor profile of this Mezcal typically features notes of agave, smoky, slightly sweet and fruit.
Los Danzantes Flavor Spiraltm
  • agave
  • smoky
  • slightly sweet
  • fruit
  • spicy
  • fresh herbs
  • herbs
  • caramel
  • oak
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Déstileria Los Danzantes
Los Danzantes has a variety of limited edition agave spirits from many states other than Oaxaca but they are only sold within Mexico.


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Destileria Los Danzantes was founded in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico in 1997. Santiago Matatlan is “The World Capital of Mezcal,” which sits in an agave-rich valley to the southeast of Oaxaca City.

Agave line the roads and seemingly stretch to the horizon as you drive through the small town. The distillery is owned by Jaimé and Gustavo Muñoz, who own five restaurants, including the well-known Los Danzantes Restaurant in Oaxaca city.

The distillery was originally purchased to create a dependable supply of high-quality Mezcal for their restaurants, but it soon grew to produce and bottle several brands for both local and international consumption.

In 2004, they hired Hector Vasquez de Abarca in to run the Los Danzantes distillery. Hector developed a blend of traditional production methods and modern distilling innovations. In 2009, Karina Abad Rojas, a trained lab chemist, took over, and has overseen the expansion of the distillery.

In addition to producing Los Danzantes (or Los Nahuales as it’s known in the US), they also curate and bottle Mezcal for Alipus and Mezcalero.
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