Longrow Peated Single Malt

Longrow Peated Single Malt

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You will taste more than just finely crafted, peat-forward Whisky in Longrow Single Malt Peated Whisky...
If you love Whisky tradition you will love Springbank Distillery — one of the precious few holdouts in three, unique ways. The first is that they are still family owned. In fact, the Mitchell family has owned and operated Springbank officially since 1828, but even before that when old Archibald Mitchell ran an illicit still on the same site five generations ago. The second is that they are in Campbelltown. Campbelltown was once called "The Whisky Capital of the World," but long ago, production shifted east, to the highlands, and now only two remain. The third is that they are one of only two distilleries in Scotland that controls all aspects of production on the same premises. Think about all that for a moment… about just how special all of that is. 
Springbank produces a range of Whiskies across the favor spectrum, from sweeter "finished" drams through heated and spicy sippers in three brands, including Longrow, Hazelburn, and their namesake Springbank.
Longrow Peated single-malt does NOT punch you in the face with the smoke. They do it right. The smoke is there, no doubt about it, but the way they see smoke is simply as a spice to their craft
Of course, a peated Whisky is one where the malted barley is dried using slow-burning peat. Longrow single-malt barley is dried this way for 110 hours. Think of it like slow-smoking a brisket… low and slow makes it a show! The rest is all old-school fun… wooden fermentation vats, copper stills, and double-distillation. From there, it is matured in oak casks, NEVER chill-filtered, and never shall an artificial color or flavor be added. So it is written, so let it be done!
Smartass Corner:
Campbelltown has always been a bit "out there," meaning that it has been a bit off the beaten track. Their location away from the watchful eye of the King and coupled with great sea access made Campbelltown the perfect spot for distilling Whisky back in the day that it wasn’t cool (read "illegal"). At one point there were 30 operating distilleries in and around this little town, producing nearly all of the Scotch Whisky in the world. 
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    Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Region
    Campbeltown Whisky
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    Oak cask

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
First-class Whiskies are taxed not only by the state but also by the angels. This refers to the 4% of Whisky that evaporates from the barrels every year, a phenomenon known as the angel’s share.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Pale amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Vanilla pipe smoke, roasting herbs, and sea-spray.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The smoke is there, but does not overpower. There is also oak, coffee, and honey cough drops… like Ricola.

Lingering smoke and a bit dry.

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Ratings & Reviews
Subtle smoky, honey, spicy, and phenol flavors. A lite Octomore?
Vanilla, honey and malty on the nose. Initial palate is sweet, with some hay and spice. Finish is somewhat smoky with some sweetness
Nose was wonderful - slight apple, warm spice, tons of oak, lemon peel. Very complex. Taste was pretty good with a lot more oak, pepper, and light smoke. The reason I rated this a 6 was the very thin mouthfeel and super quick finish. Sadly, the aroma was the peak here and then things went downhill.
Young but the peat makes up for the lack of maturity. Perfectly presented at 46% abv.
Nice and balanced. Sweet with fruity bites at first, followed by oak and peat. Easy to drink
Nice peat and some fruit on the nose. A bit spiky on the finish with a delicious funk
I'm a huge springbank fan. This was a let down. I was hoping to be slapped with peat and I was met with a slightly peatier version of a springbank bottle.
well balanced Peat with Sweet. Not crazy smoke but right amount. Sweet from bourbon barrels. Loved it
For an example of a non-Islay Pete at scotch, it's definitely worth trying and I think it deserves more praise
Perfect start to lead you into finer peated whisky
Softer version of Lagavulin and more affordable.
I love this scotch. I am Chivas drinker, but this is my new favorite. Love the peat and smoke balance.
Nice balance of smoke and fruit. Delicious!
The Longrow Peated Single Malt was average to my taste. I still prefer the Laphroaig Brand, especially the Laphroaig Cairdeas as the very best.
Excellent peaty flavor! I usually only drink islay scotch and this is on par with the peat flavor. I really enjoyed the more caramel and honey notes that come through on the finish.
Nose: smoke is not very intense. I can feel alcohol a little too much, but I don’t mind this time - I would buy another bottle for sure.
I have to say not my favorite single malt. Too peated for me and I love Highpark. Better with a few drop of water. Happy I added it to the collection for sharing the experience.
I recently picked this up. I had never had a Campbelltown before, I usually stick to Islays. It has some spice that reminds me of some of the Highland malts I've had, but there is enough smoke that Islay fans won't be disappointed. It is a great whisky that I am having trouble savoring instead of gulping down dram after dram!
This is remarkable. At first I didn't know what to expect other than thinking this would be another super peaty whisky. Boy was I wrong. The nose is engaging. Smokey peat with that distillery Springbank funk and a slight sweetness. The taste was incredible a sweetness hits the taste buds then that smoke build slowly and come forward. The mouth deal is full but it doesn't have that alcohol burn you would think you would get from a NAS whisky. This is super delicious. the finish again has that smoke and the sweetness dissipates slowly leaving a smooth and oily buttery finish. Super good! Well done Springbank. Definitely a hidden Jem. The smoke is not what you would think when it says "heavily prayed". Definitely one to stock up on
The peat and smoke here is complex and subtle. The finish is divine. One of my favorite bottles for sure.
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