Ledaig 18 Year Old Sherry Cask

Ledaig 18 Year Old Sherry Cask

(0.7l, 46.30%)


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Whisky with the perfect measurements.

Tobermory distillery is situated on the Scottish island of Mull, in the village of Tobermory. The distillery, formerly known as Ledaig, is the only distillery on the island. It was founded in 1798 by John Sinclair, has changed hands several times and undergone a number of closure periods.
These days the brand name ‘Ledaig’ is used for all their lightly peated malt Whisky, whereas the unpeated Whisky is sold as Tobermory. While most of the distilleries in the Island region mature their Whiskies on the islands themselves, Ledaig matures them on the Mainland. 
This is a special opportunity my friend. Ledaig 18 YO Sherry Cask has a resume to die for. Ian MacMillanthe master distiller of Tobermory—grabbed a batch of their signature single malt after his first full year at the distillery. He set it aside and babied this treasure in the agieng rooms for 18 years, first in new oak, then finishing in Oloroso Sherry cask. It is a Hebridean-styled Whisky… lightly peated during the drying of the malt, aged in the best woods, lovingly cared for on the northern Scottish Islands near the sea, non-chill-filtered and served up at 46.3% ABV
To the lover of fine single malt Whisky, those specifications read like Marilyn Monroe’s measurements. Perfect, full-bodied, an object of desire. But like everything desired and rare, the opportunity will not last...
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The Hebrides are a group of numerous islands and islets off the west coast of Scotland. The Whiskies of these islands are usually lumped in with the Islay malts, but that is a shame. Although not an official independent Whisky-producing region, it has a style of its own that aficionados recognize as lightly peated and richly textured.

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black pepper
orange peel
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Categories of Scotch Whisky: Single malt, Blended malt (formerly called Vatted malt), blended, single grain and blended grain Scotch.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Rose gold  
Nose / Aroma / Smell
A spicy romp in an oak-paneled toffee store
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Espresso and orange peel, sea salt and Sherry, pepper and smoke, an amazingly complex expression 
Long, smoky, aromatic… and the ocean 

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Ratings & Reviews
Fantastic! Smoke perfectly balanced.
This is one of the best Smokey scotches. Smooth. Delicious. Not overbearing.
This is one of my favorite whiskys, it has an intense peat flavor that levels off with a pleasant smoothness and hint of sweet flavor at the end. This wasn't an option, but if I had to only ever drink one whisky for the rest of my life this would be it.
Preferred the long gone 20 year old but this is a super whisky.
That's my favorite. I love him.
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