The Lark Distillery managed to reach great success in a very short period of time. They mine their own peat, and peat the barley in a portion of their Whiskies.

Since their products are in mostly small batches, the character and the quality can change and evolve. However, a fruity and creamy profile with cask influence can be expected in every bottle.
Lark Flavor Spiraltm
  • vanilla
  • caramel
  • honey
  • smoky
  • sweet
  • spicy
  • passion fruit
  • apple
  • citrus
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Lark Distillery was the first legal distillery to open after the ban in 1839, in Tasmania.


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Lark distillery is located in Tasmania. It was founded in 1992, as a family business by Bill Lark. The distillery has two stills. The wash still has 1800 liters of capacity, and the spirit still has 500 liters.

The products are matured in American Bourbon casks as well as Australian Port, Sherry and apple Brandy casks.
Distillery info:
  • Country Australia
  • Established 1992
  • Owner Lark Distillery
  • Status Active
  • Address 14 Davey Street, Hobart TAS 7000 Australia
  • Phone +613 6231 9088
  • Website
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Lark video
A transcript for non-audio situations Mark: Hello, welcome to Lark Distillery. You find me here on Brown Marsh Bog. This is the peat bog where Lark Distillery mine all the peat that goes into our beautiful single malt, single cask Whisky.

We take our guests out here onto this beautiful peat bog, a mixture of sphagnum moss and button grass, and of course, the exposed black peat. It looks a lot like wet, hairy chocolate. It gently burns and smolders, creating a lovely, aromatic, sweet smoke which is part of the secret to our Tasmanian Lark single malt Whisky. It tastes just so good.

Bill: We've been making spirits from the very first day we got our license. That was back in 1992. We were the first distillery to be licensed in Tasmania since 1839.

We decided, right at the start, this is what we're gonna make. We're going to make single malt Whisky. It can only be made from malted barley, yeast, and water, and peat from the highlands. And we have all of those things in Tasmania, and they're all great.

Fortunately, in Hobart, Cascade still malts its own barley from the farms in the local area, and that brewing barley is just perfect for delivering that rich, oily maltiness that we're now getting well-known for right throughout the world.

Our water comes from the rain forest mountains of Mount Field, just west of Hobart, and it's just sensationally soft, beautiful clean water. We're really lucky in that respect.

The other thing we use that's very important for the making of Whisky is yeast. We've stuck at the Lark Distillery with an ale yeast, and what we're finding is that delivers a complexity of flavor which is just unbeatable.

Right back in the very early days, setting up our distillery, we spoke to people within the industry, and there was talk of small cask aging. Sure, small casks help to mature Whisky just that little bit quicker, but the thing that we picked up on was the fact that small casks delivered an intensity and a richness of flavor that you just couldn't get in the bigger barrels. Those flavors open up on the middle of the palate to that lovely, rich, fat, oily malt, a great experience, a really beautifully balanced Whisky.

Well, I can tell you how Lark Whisky's been received internationally. We've recently come back from Whisky Live in Paris, one of the best Whisky shows in the world. Our Whisky was described as the secret darling of the Whisky show. Of all the Whiskies that were available, people were coming to look for Lark Whisky from Tasmania, that was the secret to it. Now, all of a sudden, people all around the world are wanting Lark Whisky. We're now available through Europe and United Kingdom, Asia through Singapore, and very excitedly, we're about to send our first Whiskies over to the United States of America.

Mark: When our customers come into the store, they generally like the Lark product. They come through and they says, "Great, you've got the product here," and they can purchase it.

Sharon: People from Scotland buy your Whisky from us because they've missed it at your Cellar Door.

Jake: They've traveled around Tasmania, they've done a trip, and they've heard about this 6fantastic product that's out there, which is the Lark, or they're just unaware of it and they come in here, they're after just a single malt, they say, and I go, "Why not try the local?" And the response to Lark is just phenomenal.

Mark: Well, thanks for coming and visiting us here at Lark's Cellar Door. We hope you've enjoyed your visit, tasted some of our products, taken some away with you, of course, and we hope that you'll visit our website, have a look at what we offer there, shop online, and develop a friendship with us into the future. So, we look forward to seeing you again soon.