The Langley Distillery (also known as Alcohols Ltd) is based at Langley near Birmingham, UK. Established in 1902, Langley has been producing spirits for over 100 years, and is one of the UK’s largest family-owned independent distilleries.

It’s responsible for producing over 80 brands of Gin, including Whitley Neill, Martin Miller’s and Daffy’s Gin, and makes over one million bottles of Gin each week.

Interestingly, the distillery doesn’t produce finished Gins, instead creating distillates which are then shipped elsewhere to be cut with water (and occasionally other botanicals) before the final bottling.

Langley currently produces 11 different Gin recipes; some of which are standard recipes which end up as supermarket ‘own label’ Gins, and others are made to brand specifications. The distillery has seven different stills, each with different purposes and of varying sizes.

The largest is a 12,000 liter still which is thought to be the largest in Europe, and the smallest is 300 liters, to meet the demand of smaller batch products.
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