Spiral Kornog Taouarc'h Seizved 14 BC
Taouarc'h Seizved 14 BC
Tasting Notes
Colour / Appearance
Ripe Gold.
Smell / Nose
Smoky and fruity with citrusy peat and notes of marzipan.
Taste / Palate
The medicinal side comes forward with hints of seaweed, tar and pear, smoke goes awry and marzipan hits again. The peat is becoming stronger.
A long ashy finish with wood becoming a part of it and peat just growing stronger.
Flavour Spiral
Peat, Smoky, Marzipan, Citrusy, Seaweed, Pear, Ashes, Oak, Fresh.
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Blessed by the winds of the Atlantic.
The Glann ar Mor distillery was established in an old farm that supposedly dates back to the year 1668. This craftsmen’s distillery lies literally by the sea (as it’s name states in Breton), on the Northern coast of Brittany. The Whisky produced there is a true artisan Single Malt, made without any compromises in the best-proven manners, rooted from the genuine Celtic tradition. Wooden washbacks, small stills, worm tubs, slow distillation all these things aid in making of this Whisky. The last and most important factor that brings the wholesome flavour to this drop of Celtic heritage is of course the maturation under the duality of Gulf winds and the saltiness of Atlantic Ocean.
Matured fast because of the particular environmental conditions set by the Atlantic Ocean delivers a gentle and balanced Whisky but it comes at a high price… The Angel’s Share demanded is extreme;  almost half of what is produced goes to God knows where. The distillers say only the unwanted part vaporizes and we believe them.
The Kornog Taouarc’h Seizved 14 BC is aged in ex-Bourbon casks without chill filtering and no colouring was added to achieve a dark colour of this dram. Only 1252 bottles of this peated expression was made in this 7th bottling expression that contains around 35 PPM. A feisty peated dram we tell you!
  • Style
    Single Malt Whisky
  • Region
  • Country
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Glann Ar Mor Distillery
  • Bottler
    Glann Ar Mor Distillery


Taouarc'h Seizved 14 BC

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