Kauffman Soft X-Mas Edition

Kauffman Soft X-Mas Edition

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One of the finest Vodkas in the world with a hint of Christmas whispered into each bottle. 
Kauffman Vodka is the worlds only ‘vintage” Vodka. This means that for each year’s release the grain was grown, harvested, milled, fermented, distilled, and bottled all within one season. This makes each year taste a little bit different since there is no blending, no setting aside some for the next run, or anything else like that. It also means that once this year’s production is sold out, there is no cheating and making some more … you wait for next year. 
Founded in 2000 by Dr. Mark Kauffman in Moscow, these guys are serious about the purity and quality of their national drink. It is distilled fourteen timesyes, we said “14”—and filtered up to three times, twice through quartz sand and once through activated birch charcoal. That sounds pretty serious to us. All that hard work and vintage stuff means that the total capacity is about 30,000 bottles across their entire product range—barely enough for a Russian block party. If you are a Vodka fan, Kauffman Vodka is a “must” for your bucket list. 
Kauffman Soft Christmas Edition is their “soft” style Vodka with a few gentle infusions. It is a VERY limited and exclusive release each year. I mean come on … they only produce 30,000 bottles total across three different primary styles—soft, hard, and special vintage. So this is a limited subset of a limited subset of one of the finest Vodkas on the planet. 
The special infusions include ginseng root and honey. But … really … they just whisper these infusions into the bottles in the most understated way. The surprising result is like you walked a glass of Vodka past a Christmas tree before you drank it. You would probably get the same effect by thinking about Christmas really hard and then taking a shot. But it is simply that little extra special oomph that makes Kauffman Soft Christmas Edition taste and feel even more special. So buy a bottle as a gift for the Vodka fan in your life because you can’t trust Santa Claus to deliver it without popping the cork himself for a little nip. 
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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Crystal Clear   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
A hint of fragrant Sherry on nose  
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Unbelievably smooth and supple with a wisp of sweet
Dry, clean, and warm 

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