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Karlssons Gold Vodka
my wife drank it before I got a chance
Karlssons Gold Vodka
Nothing special Very ordinary Clean finish Not complex
Karlssons Gold Vodka
I don't know about the lamb but i did ENJOY it
Karlssons Gold Vodka
Peppery and vanilla. Great neat over ice.
Karlssons Gold Vodka
This was an interesting vodka, it has a nearly floral subtle flavour. I will be purchasing again. I used this straight, on the rocks, and in a vodka soda and had some raving reviews from party members.
Karlssons Gold Vodka
Maybe others like it, but it wasn't my favorite. I prefer a Vodka that is willing to play nicely with my Fever Tree Tonic. While I don't mind a strong voice from my libation, as I often drink it straight, this seemed to clash with my tonic. Maybe, I'll only drink it straight?