JTS Brown

J. T. S. Brown is named after John Thompson Street Brown who partnered with his half-brother George Garvin Brown to form a company that would eventually become the Brown-Forman company. The brothers produced J. T. S. Brown Bourbon in the 1800s.

The brand is currently owned and produced by Heaven Hill. Interestingly, this is the brand of Whiskey drunk by the Paul Newman’s character “Fast Eddie” Felson, in the movies "The Hustler " and its sequel, "The Color of Money." 

It is available in both a standard 40% ABV and a bottled in bond version at 50%. It is made from the traditional Heaven Hill mash bill — 75% Corn, 12.5% Rye, and 12.5% Barley. it is considered a bargain brand.

Due to its long history and several pop-cultural references, it is still a popular brand of Bourbon at a value price.
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