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Enjoy Experiences Tailored to You

Enjoy Experiences Tailored to You
  • Get three 1.7 oz premium samples curated by a group of aficionados, connoisseurs and industry professionals.
  • Learn through on-demand guided tasting sessions, hosted by industry experts.
  • Grab your favorite people and explore the world of spirits together.
Enjoy Experiences Tailored to You
  • Get the full-size bottle (750 ml) in any Spirit category you like.
  • Browse our curated selection of classic, craft, special releases & private bottlings.
  • We’ll help you choose a bottle that perfectly matches your palate.

Here’s How It Works

Select Your Membership Plan:
1, 4, or 8 Tasting Experience Tickets

A Ticket includes a product of your choice & an accompanying guided tasting by an industry expert.

Enjoy Experiences Tailored to You

Enjoy a Professional Tasting Experience at Home

You choose which Spirits you want to try & when you want to do it. Cancel or upgrade your plan anytime.

Enjoy Experiences Tailored to You

Got Questions?

Your Flaviar Membership comes with a choice of 1, 4, or 8 Tasting Experience Tickets. Just like a movie ticket gets you a movie screening, our Ticket gets you a product of your choice (curated Tasting Box or bottle) and an accompanying guided tasting session by an industry expert.

With a 1-Ticket plan, you can choose 1 Tasting Box or bottle to be delivered to you each month.

With 4- and 8-Ticket plans, you can choose any number or combination of deliveries you please: 1 Tasting Box and 1 bottle now, 2 Tasting Boxes in a month or two, 3 bottles at the end of the year... you get the idea.

Upon joining, your Tickets will be exchanged into Gift Cards with which you will then be able to claim products for free.

A Tasting Experience Ticket (“Ticket”) includes a product of your choice & an accompanying guided tasting session by an industry expert. A product is a Tasting Box or a bottle from Flaviar’s curated selection.

Our award-winning Tasting Boxes are the stuff of legends—legendary Spirits, that is!

The main goal of the Tasting Box is to help you discover new Spirits, so they’re themed to showcase specific categories, flavors, or any other angles you want to explore.

Each Tasting Box packs:

  • 3x 1.7 oz (50 ml) curated premium Spirit samples
  • Tasting notes for each sample including our own Flavor SpiralTM
  • A unique Flaviar concrete coaster
  • QR code with access to a guided on-demand tasting of the Box*

* Currently available only with certain Tasting Boxes, but we’re working on expanding this to as many as possible.

Our award-winning Tasting Boxes are carefully curated by our team of Spirits professionals and connoisseurs with a great taste for the good, the classic, and the crafty.

Each Tasting Box features premium samples based on a topic that helps our Members discover and explore new and exciting Spirits. Arrrr ye into Pirates? We have a Caribbean Rum-oriented Tasting Box! In the mood for wood? Choose a Tasting Box that features special barrel-aged or barrel-finished Whiskeys.

You choose your bottle delivery among our special selection of bottles. Don’t worry, the list is long, it features only the bottles worthy of your attention, and is refreshed on a regular basis—you’d have to be our Members for a very long time before you get to the end of it ;)

Yes! You can upgrade your Membership to more Tasting Experience Tickets at any time. Please contact our really awesome Customer Support at [email protected] and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

The best way to upgrade your experience, though, is to go full-on Primo. By going Primo, you not only get all your Membership products delivered to you for free, but you also receive the Flaviar VIP treatment, reserved only for true Spirits fans.

Primo Membership benefits include:

  • Free shipping on all Membership deliveries
  • Get online shop discounts
  • Access Flaviar Original bottlings
  • Enter the Vault
  • Get free tickets to events
  • Enjoy Primo perks at Flaviar Embassies
  • Get free tickets at Distilleries

Of course, you can delay your Membership at any time! Please contact our really awesome Customer Support at [email protected] and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

You may cancel your Membership at any time. Please contact our really awesome Customer Support at [email protected] and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

Of course, glad you’re already thinking about someone else’s “Spiritual well-being”! Give that someone special the gift of good taste by gifting them one of our special Flaviar Gift Plans. These were specially designed to give them the best Tasting Experiences with Spirits of their choice.

Currently, our services are available in the following US states: CA, DC, FL, IL, NE, NY, CT, NJ, NH, and ND. We keep working hard on adding more to the list.

Your state not listed?

Leave us your contact email in the Membership building process and we’ll let you know when we open in yours!

Our hard-working Delivery Falcon usually delivers all orders within 3-7 business days.

Once your order ships you receive an email with the tracking information so you'll be able to keep on top of the delivery.

And before you ask: Yes, you’re going to have to put some big-person pants on and sign for your package yourself. State laws require our couriers to ask for an adult signature upon delivery. You are one, right? If not, please find yourself a Soda Pop online subscription service. (Oh, and let us know, too… we’re kinda interested now.)

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It is a club for those who want to explore beyond the usual names (e.g. Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker).


Flaviar is like the bartender you’ve always wanted to befriend—the one who sees you drinking Maker’s Mark straight every time you come in.


With Flaviar, the only unknown is a selection of rare, unsung spirit samples to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.