John's Lane

The John's Lane Distillery was located in the John's Lane area situated behind James Powers’ public house in Dublin. The distillery was founded in 1791 and became a limited company in 1809. After the Excise Act in 1823, the production increased by 1833.

In 1871 extensive restoration and expansion ensued. In 1866, John Power & Son began bottling their own Whiskey, which was unheard of before in Ireland, as it was usually sold in the cask.

The distillery introduced a column still in 1961, and in 1974 the distillery was closed and the production moved to the Midleton Distillery.

It was the second largest Whiskey producing distillery by the time. With time the Powers brand became quite famous. 

Kilns of the distillery were around 18 meters high, and during the floor malting process 3000 tons of malt could be used. There were five pot stills and a column still.
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John's Lane