James E. Pepper 4 Year Old Rye Flaviar Barrel Select

James E. Pepper 4 Year Old Rye Flaviar Barrel Select

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We raided the treasury of the recently reopened historic James E. Pepper Distillery and got our hands on the finest cask.

Larger than life doesn't even begin to describe James E. Pepper, the man who was instrumental for the passing of the Bottled-in-Bond Act and popularizing the Old Fashioned cocktail. When he wasn't tending to what was at one point in history the largest distillery in the US, he traveled around in a private rail car, ran one of the finest stables of thoroughbreds to compete in the Kentucky Derby, and rubbed shoulders with giants such as John D. Rockefeller and Theodore Roosevelt. After shutting down in the late 1950s the distillery lay dormant for 50 years, waiting for capable hands to resurrect it.

Enter Amir Peay, entrepreneur, history buff, and Whiskey aficionado, who spent a decade researching and rebuilding the historic brand and distillery. On his quest to restore the magical place to its former glory, he scoured the globe to get his hands on original bottles, going so far as obtaining documents by the legendary James E. Pepper himself, which contained the exact recipes, production methods, and drawings of the still system. The brand relaunched in 2008 and the gloriously restored distillery became operational in 2017.

What a pleasure it is when you get to pick out a cask with such a rich history. This one was filled by the Lawrenceburg Distillery and is a part of the Pepper brand's most prized lineup of barrels. Uncle Flaviar has a nose for sniffing out the best in the bunch, so you can be sure this Rye is a doozy. It has spent 4 years in new white oak and was bottled by hand in that historic Lexington, KY distillery. What a way to be a part of Whiskey history! 
  • Category
  • Style
    Straight Rye Whiskey
  • Region
  • Country
    United States
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    James E. Pepper & Co.
  • Age
    4 Year Old

Flavor Spiral™

About The Flavor Spiral

What does James E. Pepper 4 Year Old Rye Flaviar Barrel Select taste like?

The Flavor Spiral™ shows the most common flavors that you'll taste in James E. Pepper 4 Year Old Rye Flaviar Barrel Select and gives you a chance to have a taste of it before actually tasting it.

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Dark honey

Nose / Aroma / Smell
It's a complex but well-balanced nose with notes of mint, eucalyptus, honey, cloves, and dark chocolate.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Full-bodied and packed with flavor, you can expect plenty of that honey, oak, minty, vanilla & chocolate notes, along with a pleasantly punchy spice.

Finishes long, sweet, spicy, and delicious with hints of nuts & fruit. 
Ratings & Reviews
Smooth & comfortable - really enjoyed sipping this
This was an absolutely great Rye. I feel really lucky to have been able to get this bottle from the Flaviar nabbed cask. Definitely a smooth and satisfying rye drank neat. It has a honey, oak flavor with notes of vanilla and chocolate, with a sweet, spicy, and delicious finish.
Have been in search of this Old Pepper for quite some time. Awesome surprise to see Flaviar nabbed a cask of select. Lucky me! An excellent rye to enjoy with friends.
Keeps reminding me why I like Rye. Keep them coming! Thanks.
Great flavor, every sip is a surprise
YAAAAAAAASSSS! A delicious, smooth and satisfying rye, neat or on the rocks. It’s a new favorite in my liquor cabinet.
Flavian nailed it on this one I’m glad I bought two!
A lovely rye, drinks way "softer" than its 107 proof would make you think. Has a genuinely lovely balance between sweet and spice. Whether you are a bourbon drinker looking to explore rye or a rye enthusiat there is something in this whiskey for you to enjoy.
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