Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey

Johannes "Reginald" Beam founded the Distillery that would later become Jim Beam. He went by the name Jacob Beam and his first distilled product was a lightly-aged “white” Whiskey that he distributed starting in about 1795.

Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey is actually a legal Bourbon. You may remember that “White Dog” is a traditional Bourbon recipe that it not aged at all. White Whiskey is the same thing, aged a few months to a year.

Straight Bourbon is aged at least four years, and most premium Bourbon is aged at least eight years. Jacob’s Ghost has a very faint straw color, it has been aged in proper new oak barrels for about 1 full year.

It is a very pale Bourbon made from the classic Jim Beam formulations. One of the best uses for it is as a replacement for Gin and Vodkas in cocktail recipes when it brings a little sweet oak and char to the drink.
Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey Flavor Spiraltm
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