Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select

Jack Daniel's

Sinatra Select

(1l, 45%)

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“Nectar of the gods, baby!” You want to drink Whiskey like it was meant to be, like ‘Ol Blue Eyes… like “the” man?  
Jack Daniels is the largest producer of American Whiskey in the world bar none, reaching more than 11 million cases.  Based in the Moore County town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, Jack Daniels has been owned by Brown-Forman since 1956. Interestingly, Moore County is “dry,” meaning that the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited, so all of those workers making all of that wonderful Whiskey can’t buy it in their hometown. That just seems horribly cruel… like prohibiting a baker from eating cookies, or insisting that a cobbler wear no shoes. 
Jack Daniels makes Tennessee Whiskey.  If you take all of the rules that you must follow to call your beverage Straight Bourbon Whiskey and add both a unique charcoal filtering process prior to aging (the Lincoln County Process) and the requirement that your product is 100% made in the State of Tennessee, then you have Tennessee Whiskey. And yes, it makes a difference.  
Frank Sinatra made Jack Daniels what it is today. It was the 1940’s and Frank was looking for a man’s drink. His close friend, Jackie Gleason, got him a Jack Daniels on the rocks with a splash and the rest is history. From then on, Frankie had a glass on stage with him every night… best product placement in history.  You want to drink like ‘Ol Blue Eyes… like “the” man?  Millions of guys did just that.   
Jack Daniels pulled out all the stops on this fitting tribute of their signature Tennessee Whiskey: special bottles, special box, and input from the Sinatra Family. Even the aging barrels are special, with uniquely deep inside grooves to let the spirit come in contact with more wood, and you can taste the difference that makes. Yep… it’s that groovy, man!
And this ain’t your mamma’s sipping whiskey … it’s bottled like it used to be at 90 proof from the highest quality “select” barrels.  That’s 45% ABV, baby, and you better hang on to your fedora and strap on your big-boy pants, ‘cuz the ladies are gonna notice an increase in testosterone with each sip. This man’s Tennessee Whiskey is rich, smooth, and perfectly sweet with a floral vanilla finish for a one-of-a-kind experience worthy of its iconic namesake.  

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  • Style
    Tennessee Whiskey
  • Region
  • Country
    American Whiskey
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Jack Daniel's
  • Bottler
    Jack Daniel's

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Bourbon set of rules refer to manufacturing method rather than location. It must be matured in new and charred casks of American white oak. No colouring or flavouring of any type is allowed. It must be matured for at least 2 years, if a bottle does not bear an age it is at least 4 years old. The mash bill must contain at least 51% corn.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color  
Dark Baltic amber  
Smell / Nose / Aroma  
Nothing but class in a glass… floral honey, and oak  
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Warm butterscotch with a rich mouth-feel  
Smooth vanilla that gently lingers in the dark

SmartAss Corner
Frank Sinatra was such a fan of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey that a flask of this spirit—what Frank himself called “the nectar of the gods”—was buried with him. 

Ratings & Reviews
Nectar from the gods!
One of the best tastes I have ever had in my life!
Smooth as Sinatra. Great evening sip.
Great nose. Nice sit on the tongue. Vanilla spice. Drink it like Frank. 3 cubes, two fingers of Select and a splash of water. A true gentleman's drink!!
Just as smooth as Frank
Ehh. I'm not a jack fan and this has that distinct jack flavor. Not worth the price.
Under my skin!
Nice Drink to enjoy an evening with your best friend
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