Founded in 2015
The first thing to note about Isle of Harris Gin is its beautiful, blue-hued glass bottle. A visually striking thing that is reminiscent of the sea in the rock pools next to the distillery where it’s made. But it’s not just the outside which is impressive; the liquid inside is noteworthy, too.

The development of Isle of Harris Gin took over two years, as the team worked with a botanist to assess the flora on the island and find suitable ingredients for the Gin.

Juniper, coriander, cassia bark, orris root, orange peel, cubeb and angelica root all add to the flavor, but it’s the local sugar kelp – a kind of seaweed – which sets Isle of Harris Gin apart.

The botanicals are macerated in a neutral grain spirit in a small copper pot still, but the sugar kelp is removed before distillation to avoid overpowering the delicate balance of the Gin’s flavor with its sugary but herbal taste.

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