Founded in 1959
Invergordon Distillery is what we'd like to call a black sheep. It is located in the town Invergordon, in the far north-east of Scotland, in the Highlands. It is situated near a deep water port, and nearby to an oil rig repair yard in Nigg Bay.

This location is what makes Invergordon so unique. But to understand why, you have to understand nature of the game in Scottish grain distillation. But we will get to all of this later.

The town of Invergordon, was originally known as An Rudha, Scot's Gaelic for "the point," or "the Ness,"  was re-established and re-named "Invergordon," by William Gordon, in the 18th century. The town was used as a naval base in the early 1900s, during WWI.

When the Navy withdrew from the town in 1956, it left many local people unemployed. Invergordon was in desperate need of some industrial infrastructure.

The town was literally surrounded by malt distilleries, and their access to grains, and deep water port made them a prime location for distillation. Resources, location, and the North American Scotch boom propelled Invergordon into the Scottish distillery scene. 

In 1961, Invergordon Distillery was born. Established by Invergordon Distillers Ltd., they began operating in 1961 as a Scottish grain distillery. And this is what makes Invergordon different.

You see if you are a grain distiller of Central Scotland, consider yourself lucky. It's fertile lands, filled with bountiful and diverse varieties of grain, means large scale distillation, and more efficient technology. Think of Central Scotland as an epi-center for all things Scottish grain distillation.

So being located in the far north-east side of Scotland, amidst several malt distilleries, Invergordon greatly differs from the majority of Scottish grain distilleries. The distillery changed hands several times, it was even home to the Wyvis Distillery from 1965-1977. It was finally taken over by the Whyte & Mackay group In 1993.

In 1990, they released ‘The Invergordon,' a 10YO single grain. Invergordon distillery has 3 Coffey stills, with the capactiy to produce 36 million liters of pure alcohol per year.

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Distillery Details

  • Country
    United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region
  • Established
  • Owner
    Whyte & Mackay Ltd
  • Type
  • Number of stills
    3 Coffey
  • Visitor center
  • Status
  • Address
    Invergordon Distillery Golf View Terrace Invergordon Ross-shire IV18 0HP United Kingdom
  • Phone
    +44 1349 852451
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Dog Dogson's
This distillery was home to the Wyvis Distillery between 1965 and 1977.

Invergordon is not a member of the Scotch Whisky Association.
There's a dram for everyone in the Highlands!

Highlands are the largest of the Scottish Whisky regions. Geographically the Highland Whisky region is defined as everything north of an imaginary line between Dundee and Greenock.

Single malt Whisky from the Highlands offer a lot of flavour diversity. You'll find everything from smoky drams to light and elegant floral & fruity Whiskies coming from the Highland distilleries.
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