Ichiro's Malt Chichibu The US 2018 Edition

Ichiro's Malt Chichibu The US 2018 Edition

(0.75l, 56.4%)


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Ichiro Akito founded the famous Chichibu distillery in 2008 and quickly gained notoriety for his masterful drams and golden drops. Whatever he touches soon becomes a must-have, and in the Japanese Whisky universe, his products are as coveted as the rarest Katana.

This is one of three highly-limited Single Malt releases that Ichiro made for three specific markets in 2018: the U.S., London, and Paris. Bottled at respectable 56.4% ABV, this rare bottle has some serious kick. How rare, though? 1235 bottles!

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Member Reviews and Ratings of Ichiro's Malt Chichibu The US 2018 Edition
This rating is for the Paris 2018 edition, although the title is for the US 2018 edition (wrong titled reference). I was expecting more out of this bottle given the huge price tag (over $1000 for this Paris edition), but luckily I got this sample via the Chichibu sampling kit (thank you for the Vault selection, Uncle Flaviar). The first thing I noticed was how similar this compares to the Kurayoshi 8 year old. It did not leave me with a sense of wanting more. I'll stick to my Nikka from the Barrel, thank you very much.
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