Hurricane 5 Whisky

Canada Founded in 2015
Hurricane 5 gets its name from an inscription in a barn located on the distillery grounds of Caldera. On one of the old beams someone had written “October 18, 1939 Storm.”

Well, anyone would be curious, so they looked it up in the history books and found that their home town in Nova Scotia officially recorded a storm on that date, simply calling it “Hurricane #5” — the fifth major storm of the season.

The Whisky of that name is a straight line, blended Canadian Whisky that leans toward rye spice. The flavor profile is textbook with ginger and cherry on the front and caramel and sweet on the back. Baking spices round out the finish nicely.
Hurricane 5 Whisky Flavor Spiraltm
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Smartass corner
Founder Jarret Stuart he didn’t like the name of the largest ship ever built in the River John, so he named the distillery after the second largest.


Caldera Distillery was founded in 2013 by Jarret Stuart, “The distillery is named after the second-largest ship ever built in River John...”

Handcrafted in the historical shipbuilding community of River John, Caldera pays tribute to the heritage of craftsmen & explorers of all Nova Scotia. Their Spirits are distilled, barreled, aged & bottled in River John.

Caldera currently has 3 releases in their lineup, the Caldera, a premium blended Whisky, the Cambrai, a darker-style Rum, and a blended Whisky, Hurricane 5, named after a major Hurricane that occurred on October 18, 1939.
Distillery info:
  • Country Canada
  • Established 2013
  • Owner Independent
  • Status Active
  • Address 65 River John Rd, River John, NS B0K 1N0, Canada
  • Phone +1 902-351-2035
  • Website
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