Founded in 2004
Based in Portland, Oregon, House Spirits Distillery was founded in 2004. The company not only produces Aviation American Gin, which comprises 80% of all production, but a number of Liqueurs, Whiskeys, Vodkas, Rums and Aquavits.

Based on Portland’s famous Distillery Row, the distillery has its own tasting room and offers tours to the public. The focus, for these guys, is on craft, small-batch spirits, using the finest ethically sourced ingredients.

For example, the Westward Oregon Malt Whiskey is made with barley grown in the Pacific Northwest. Every batch of every Spirit and Liqueur is overseen by the Master Distiller.

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Flavor Spiral™

About The Flavor Spiral

dried fruit
malted barley
What does House Spirits taste like?

The Flavor Spiral™ shows the most common flavours that you'll taste in House Spirits Gin. It's based on all House Spirits drinks in our large database and gives you a chance to taste House Spirits before actually tasting it.

We invented Flavor Spiral™ here at Flaviar to get all your senses involved in tasting drinks and, frankly, because we think that classic tasting notes are boring.

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    64 SE Washington St., Portland, OR 97214, United States
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House Spirits’ Founder, Christian Krogstad, is also the creator of Aviation American Gin, which was first produced in collaboration with world-renowned bartender Ryan Magarian.
Video from House Spirits
Video transcription
Woman: The renewed interest in authenticity has created a revival in craft brewing and craft distilling. With authenticity being the name of the game, we wanted to find a company in high demand. So, off we went to Portland, Oregon where we visited the world's greatest in craft distilling, House Spirits Distillery. Founded in 2004, House Spirits Distillery quickly became famous for their Aviation American Gin originally developed by the first bartender distiller team in American history.

Thomas: House Spirits is one of the undisputed leaders of the American craft distilling revolution and we're also the anchor of Portland, Oregon's distillery row. Aviation American Gin is an incredibly mixable American Cocktail Gin, in that you get wonderful flavors of cardamom, coriander, anise, dried sweet orange peel, lavender, Indian sarsaparilla, and it's also naturally gluten-free. At 97 points, it's the highest-rated Gin in the world and really an invitation to explore America's story with Cocktail culture.

Woman: But creating a world-class Gin wasn't enough for these guys. They set out to make their mark with Westward Malt Whiskey and other spirits, as well.

Christian: We are a product not just of the American craft distilling revolution, which is very innovative, but we're the result of the entire innovative spirit of the Portland food and beverage scene, and the northwest food and beverage scene. So, we're not constrained by classic styles. Since we're in Portland and we have this great tradition of innovation, we're really building on that. We're willing and able to experiment and accept the failures along with the successes, and I think that they both make us better.

Thomas: Westward is the farm-to-table Whiskey. We directly source two-row barley locally in the northwest. We bring it all in, we make the Whiskey from scratch. Westward is unique in the world in that it's pot-distilled from 100% malted barley, fermented with ale yeast for exemplary character. It is then aged like Bourbon, so it borrows from the best of both the Irish and the Bourbon Whiskey-making traditions, and in doing so, it turns out to be something new, unique and delicious.

Woman: Ultimately, for House Spirits Distillery, it all boils down to authenticity, passion and craftsmanship that can't be matched.

Christian: Those are our three very important, really key elements to what makes us who we are. We're not a large corporation with a massive advertising budget. Really, what we have is our authenticity. Our products really have to speak for themselves, and so our passion for our products comes through in everything we do.

Woman: In an industry that is evolving and changing every single day, there is one company that stands above the rest, House Spirits Distillery.

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