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Make your dream Home Bar a reality

Being a Flaviar Member comes with a few perks, this is one of them. Explore a premium selection of bottles and keep track of the ones you own. Hand-curate your personal collection and get ready to give your liquor shelf an upgrade.

While you’re discovering new favorites, you can keep track of your Spirit-ual journey. As you taste, rate, and wishlist your way through your Spirits selections, we’ll keep track of everything you try here.

Tasting log

My Tasting Journey

Take a look at your tasting journey. All of your past purchases will automatically sync in your Tasting Log, so you can keep track of all the bottles you’ve tried.


Don’t Keep It Bottled Up

Love to taste and tell? Keep a record of all your Spirit-ual adventures, while developing your palate. You can find all of your Bottle Ratings and Reviews right here.


My Favorite Bottles

Hey, you’ve got great taste, don’t let it go to waste. We’ve rounded up all of your delicious favorites in one place so you can view your top picks at any time.


My Dream Drams

Go ahead and make a wish. You can find all of your dram goals here. If you can dream it, you can do it, right? Blow out your candles and take a look at your Wishlist.

Would you like to enjoy this feature and all of the many other perks the Flaviar Club has to offer? Come join us.